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Everyone has dreams, goals and ambitions. But it is often difficult for people to achieve these dreams because they haven't discovered their purpose....


Giving is an act of worship, affection
and love for Jesus Christ.

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Could it be your Marriage or Relationships is Under Witchcraft Attack?

Many marriages and relationships have failed due to the demonic, manipulation of witchcraft. But unfortunately, most casualties of this assault are kept in the dark regarding their situation. John 10:10


Overcoming Ancestral Bondage

by Annette Nsoh

A captivating story, undated, genuine and deeply vulnerable. A beautiful reminder that there are opportunities in afflictions and that one-one-one relationship with God will take care of everything.

The unique autobiography offers inspiration, motivation, hope and encouragement. Do you find yourself in a hideous cycle of failure and frustration? Find the way out in this book.

Prayer Request

There are times in our lives when it seems like the very heaven above us has become brass and nothing penetrates it not even our prayers. If that's the case with you, I want to believe that you came on this site by divine appointment. God led you here!

Annette Nsoh

Annette has gone from an African Princess under satanic protection to becoming a powerful women of God. Originally from Cameroon, Annette travelled to Europe to study. Faced with tremendous challenges in a foreign country, Annette battled rejection, insecurity, material breakdown, and cycles of failure.